Image Made Easy

Learn what clothes actually suit you (and feel BEAUTIFUL every time you look in the mirror) using the Image Made Easy profiling system!!*

no matter your age, your weight or how pretty you think you are or aren’t 😉

Learn what clothes actually suit you (and feel BEAUTIFUL every time you look in the mirror) using the Image Made Easy profiling system!!*

no matter your age, your weight or how pretty you think you are or aren’t 😉
Is any of this familiar?

Feeling like you’re wearing the same old clothes over and over again...

Feeling frustrated when you go clothes shopping...

Feeling like you’re just not a stylish person...

Feeling like you’re not slim enough, curvy enough, or pretty enough to wear certain outfits...

If so gorgeous, then you have definitely definitely definitely come to the right place!!

About Image Made Easy...

Image Made Easy is a facial profiling system that reveals what clothes objectively SUIT YOU, makes you truly CONFIDENT putting outfits together and leaves you feeling BEAUTIFUL every time you look in the mirror.

Behind it lies an amazing secret (backed by science and my 15 years' experience styling hundreds of people).

ALL women fit into one of four, unique, Image Made Easy profiles based on a combination of their facial features, facial colouring and facial character (Ladybug, Dragonfly, Moth or HoneyBee...WHICH ONE ARE YOU?!)

First, the Image Made Easy system shows you how to work out which one of these profiles you are.

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Then, the system gives you easy-to-follow rules and guidelines for the specific …







...that harmonise with your profile and make you look AH-FRIKKIN-MAZING 😀

- You stop wearing the same old clothes and start wearing clothes that actually excite you 👗

You swap clothes that wash you out / age you / make you look frumpy for clothes that make you shine 💋

- Shopping goes from frustrating to fun because you know exactly what clothes to look for 🛍

- You save SOOOO much money because you stop buying clothes you don't actually wear 💵

- You gain real confidence in putting stylish outfits together with ease 💃🏻

- You stop focussing on your body and start feeling beautiful whenever you look in the mirror 🥰

- And you look and feel awesome for the rest of your life because your profile rules work even as you get older or your body changes ♥️

But don't just take my word for it!!
What you get...

✓✓  “What's MY Profile?" video + downloadable PDF profiling tool: using celebrities and 'real' people I show you the 4 profiles and how to QUICKLY and EASILY work out which one you are (based on your facial features, facial colouring and facial character). This unlocks the secret to looking AMAZING in everything you wear! 

✓✓  “Rules & Guidelines”  videos for Ladybug, Dragonfly, Moth, Honey Bee profiles: you get the any-age, any-size, easy-to-follow rules for your profile that reveal what colours, types of clothing, fabrics, textures, prints, shapes, accessories work best on YOU. Yep, no more guessing, no more confusion, no more overwhelm. You'll know EXACTLY what you're looking for (saving you so much time and money!) 

✓✓  “What’s My Flavour?”  videos for Ladybug, Dragonfly, Moth, Honey Bee:  how to pull everything together (and even break rules) to create your own perfect style - no two Honey Bees need to be the same! I also give you LOTS of outfit inspiration so you can say bye-bye to your 'this will do' and 'same-old-same-old' clothes. 

✓✓  "Hair, Make-Up and Glasses" video: getting your hair and make-up right for your profile seems like a small thing, but it makes a really big difference. It’s often overlooked by other systems, but once you know what works best for you (and what doesn’t), you’ll instantly start to shake off those momsy/frumpy vibes and feel more beautiful.

+ 6 BONUS MODULES that make IME the complete style solution!

✓✓  "Dare to Dress FEARLESSLY" video + ‘Love to Love Me Baby’ audio download: take charge of the story you tell yourself about your appearance (or the story that others have made you believe). A master-class in developing lasting confidence and self-love, featuring proven techniques I've used with thousands of women over the last 15+ years.

✓✓  "Style: Trade Secrets" video: all the BEST extra tips and tricks for looking effortlessly stylish with the MINIMUM of fuss. Gathered together in one video so you don’t have to trawl the internet for advice, this is like Image Made Easy finishing school (some courses charge $350 for what you get in this module alone!)

✓✓  "Does my butt look big in this?!" video: IME works no matter your body shape or size, but if you’re not yet feeling body-positive about certain areas I’ve got your back. This video shows you how you can easily minimise (or accentuate) all the usual suspects (boobs, butt, height etc.) and will stop you fretting about your body STAT!

✓✓  "DETOX Your Closet" audio download: imagine me sitting on your bed and helping you to spring clean your wardrobe! I guide you through that emotional/stressful clean out until your closet brings you joy again (Marie Kondo would be proud!) 

✓✓  "The Art of the Capsule Wardrobe" video + PDF download: a great way to build a stylish and efficient wardrobe without having to splash the cash, this video shows you how to turn a small number of clothes into MANY different outfits. Great for putting together seasonal / work / budget wardrobes. 

✓✓  “Image Made Easy 4 Guys” video: we ALL have friends, partners or family members in dire need of a makeover. Make the men in your life look more stylish and feel more handsome using the Image Made Easy system (and enjoy that weirdly satisfying feeling when you ‘fix’ them – don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!)


✓✓  Have your profile confirmed by the experienced eyes of the Image Made Easy team! Discovering your IME profile is a real revelation for most women, but it always helps to know that other people are seeing the same thing that you do. You'll provide us with a range of pictures of yourself and we'll confirm your profile, ensuring that you're on the right track from the start!

✓✓  Enter the awesome world of the 'Hive', our fantastic Facebook membership group! This is the REAL cherry on top of the IME cake…join other Ladybugs, Honey Bees, Moths and Dragonflies in a beautiful girl-gang where you can:

  • talk all things clothes and style, whenever you want, with people on the same journey 👩‍❤️‍👩
  • ask questions and get help with your profile 💡
  • get outfit advice, seasonal inspiration, plus updates on what's in the shops 👠
  • watch my Hive Live videos (or dip into the back catalogue: recent faves have been my top secret method for perfect curly hair, the lowdown on alterations, and a focus on posture, posing and pics!!) 💄
  • take part in super-fun, weekly style challenges and share outfits of the day 😄

But the Hive is more than just playtime for grown-up women. It keeps you out of ruts and keeps you feeling beautiful AND confident (because our journey is never just about the clothes). Here's what some of the awesome women inside say:

Roanne, "I love the positivity and encouragement. It is a tribe of women supporting women and I just love that because it is very uplifting." ♥️

Carla, "I LOVE the Hive - it's such a supportive, welcoming, fun place!" ♥️

Debra, "I can try things out, ask for opinions and know I'll get support, compliments and suggestions for improvements…I can't imagine doing IME without the Hive!♥️

Bindu,"It is a safe environment full of support, honesty, encouragement and provides a confidence boost. Plus all the lovely ladies now feel like friends too!" ♥️

Elizabeth,"I love the input from so many people and the ideas about how you could improve and tweak…it has given me some fantastic ideas of things to try.♥️

Stephanie, "What I love most is the diversity of women. There's a wide range of ages and sizes, and each woman brings a different perspective or flavour to their profile." ♥️

Ria,"My favourite thing is the feedback you get from other people to help with your journey...I love how everyone comes together to appreciate one another.♥️

Sian, "I love the Hive! I like seeing people on the same journey as me and the inspirational boost it gives me when I’m least expecting it." ♥️

    >> OPTIONAL: VIP Consultation & Lookbook!!! <<

    ✓✓  A full image consultation resulting in a personalised lookbook, jam-packed with clothing and outfits tailored to your profile!!

    Get my undivided attention (plus my eye for what makes you look your absolute best) and save yourself time and effort. 

    First, I do a full, online image consultation where we'll look at your profile and do a deep-dive on your particular 'flavour'. Then I produce a personalised lookbook for you, filled with clothes and outfits specifically chosen to suit you (and all currently available in the shops and linked for your convenience).

    This is the full VIP treatment (and at a price you would never get from a personal stylist)!!

    BUY  NOW!!
    £197 £147!

    ✓ Lifetime access to Image Made Easy Videos

    Lifetime access to BONUS Videos

    ✓ Confirmation of your profile

    Access to the Hive! (first 2 months FREE)!


    Everything in the superstar deal PLUS...

     VIP Consultation & personalised Lookbook

    Or start with the Superstar deal and get a VIP consultation and lookbook at a later time for £350 


    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! I believe in Image Made Easy 100% and will happily refund the value of the IME Videos + Bonus Videos (currently £97) for up to 14 calendar days after purchase.

    So think about how many items of clothing you have sitting in your wardrobe, that you never wear... 

    Think about just how much money you'll save going forward if you know EXACTLY what suits you (not to mention ALL of the other benefits of Image Made feeling BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT whenever you look in the mirror!)

    And I think you'll agree that getting Image Made Easy is a NO BRAINER!!

    Hi, I'm Jodi!

    From the age of 8 - when I borrowed stole my mom’s sassy, yellow, slingback shoes and marched around in them for an entire summer - I think I had a sense of style 😉.

    Growing up in South Africa, I was known for my dress sense and was THAT friend, the one  who would lend you clothes and give you outfit advice (whether you wanted it or not 😄).

    I even worked part time as a make-up artist, helping women to look beautiful on their wedding days (in between getting my degree in Marketing and Communications Science). 

    But when I came to the UK and started working as a corporate trainer for an award-winning L & D company, I discovered what it was like to lose my own style 😢

    I was in my mid 20s. My body had changed. And I was insanely busy.

    Before I knew it, I was rocking the same old black trousers and shapeless, momsy cardigans *shudder* on the daily. And somehow, the blandness spilled over into what I wore in my own time. I didn’t feel stylish or attractive and frankly, clothes shopping became a motherlovin’ chore.

    Luckily, before I got permanently stuck in a wardrobe Groundhog Day, and before I completely forgot who I was, I was fortunate enough to meet one of the UK’s most renowned Image Consultants through work.

    She reminded me how important the way we dress is, not just for the impact it has on others, but for the impact it has on our ourselves 🔥 I decided to qualify as an Image Consultant…

    …and as soon as I started to play with clothes again, my mojo returned big time! Reading and researching as much as I could (like the nerd 🤓 I not-so-secretly-am) I started to escape the bland and feel beautiful again.

    My confidence came flooding back and I decided to start my own company, incorporating what I had learned about image into the confidence and communication training I delivered. 

    Now, 15 years later, I’ve had the honour of: 

    • delivering training for some of the UK's largest organisations (Google, Sony, Wetherspoons, The Post Office)
    • styling hundreds of business professionals and brilliant entrepreneurs
    • and working as a personal branding / image specialist for the awesome Everywoman organisation

    But I’m determined for as many women as possible to know that being stylish, feeling beautiful and getting the confidence boost that goes with it, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FRIKIN’ DIFFICULT!!

    And that’s why I created Image Made Easy 👊🏻💋👠💃🏻💯

    Your questions answered...

    Q: “What if I don’t belong in a profile or can’t figure mine out?”

    A: EVERYONE fits into a profile. It may sound weird, but it’s true!

    I’ve included a handy video that helps anyone who’s finding it tricky to identify their profile (this video often helps people see it instantly).

    And in the cases where someone’s main profile is less dominant, and they have a strong ‘second’, I’ve taken that into account and show you what works perfectly for any combination.

    Of course, if you pay for confirmation of your profile, the Image Made Easy team will help work out what your profile is!

    Q: “WTF - how can you work out what looks best on people just by looking at their faces?!

    A: Sceptics become the BIGGEST fans of IME when they see it for themselves. I go into more detail inside the system (including the science behind it)...but in a nutshell:

    1. Faces are SERIOUSLY important to human beings (even more so than you might think).

    2. Although every human face is slightly different, ALL our faces are comprised of the same kinds of shapes, lines and colours.

    3. When this is combined with a) our brain’s in-built tendency to see patterns and b) the way our brains seek out harmony in everything we look get Image Made Easy!

    Q: “Do I have to spend loads on a whole new wardrobe?”

    A: NOOO! There will almost certainly be some clothes in your current wardrobe that really suit you. IME helps you to pick these out (and maybe revive some things you didn’t even remember you had)!

    Of course, once you know your IME profile, you’ll want to shop #notgonnalie! But you DON’T have to spend a lot of money to look great (the cost of an outfit is way less important than whether or not it actually suits you).

    And you don't necessarily need a lot of clothes. That’s why an IME bonus module shows you how to build a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (by following your rules, just a few new, key items can be combined to create many outfits!)

    Q: “How is IME different to other personal styling choices out there?”

    A: Stylists and personal shoppers are great for certain occasions, but in my experience they don't always work out what truly suits you, or get you to buy clothes you would  never land up wearing in the 'real world' (besides...I want you to be able to do all this for yourself!)

    IME is a ‘4-group’ system - but unlike many other systems out there, I don’t believe that the facial features, colouring and character you have means you also have to possess a particular personality type.

    I think it’s ALL about harmonising your clothes with your face and my approach has been shaped by my work as an image consultant, reading a sh*t tonne of books and seeing what works (and doesn’t work) on HUNDREDS of women.

    Q: “Shouldn’t I hang on until I’ve ‘lost the weight’ before doing this sort of thing?” 

    A: Women say this to me all the time and the answer is *Jodi shouts through a megaphone* NO, NO and NO!

    Firstly, you deserve to look and feel great no matter what your weight. Dressing in a stylish way and loving how you feel in your clothes does NOT have to be governed by your size (in fact, whether your weight goes up or down, your profile doesn’t change).

    Secondly, being slim doesn’t automatically mean you’ll look good in your clothes (the wrong profile clothes won’t work on you no matter what your size is).

    Thirdly, I tend to find that when my clients feel more in control and happy with themselves, things like weight loss happen anyway, instead of the other way around.

    Finally, haven’t you waited long enough for something to change? Isn’t waiting until *insert your excuse of choice here* just a delay tactic? If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready, RIGHT NOW, to look and feel awesome 👊🏻💋.

    What are you waiting for?!
    £197 £147!

    ✓ Lifetime access to Image Made Easy Videos

    Lifetime access to BONUS Videos

    ✓ Confirmation of your profile

    Access to the Hive! (first 2 months FREE)!


    Everything in the superstar deal PLUS...

     VIP Consultation & personalised Lookbook

    Or start with the Superstar deal and get a VIP consultation and lookbook at a later time for £350 


    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! I believe in Image Made Easy 100% and will happily refund the value of the IME Videos + Bonus Videos (currently £97) for up to 14 calendar days after purchase.

    Er...seriously honey, you've read all the way to the bottom of this page and haven't hit 'BUY NOW' yet?!

    It's simple: if you're done looking 'fine' and wanna look and feel FANTASTIC...stop feeling guilty and invest in yourself NOW!!